About Restaurant



To position ART HOUSE CAFÉ as one of the global brands by constantly delivering fresh products, providing platforms, and creating environmental awareness to the community by using upcycled furniture. Furthermore, the café aims to support the communities by creating jobs such as farming and furniture making.


To make Art House Café sourced ingredients accessible to the community as hand-crafted food and beverages. We also commit to providing a comforting presence to the community through art and an impeccable guest experience.

Our Story

“About ten years ago, I noticed that a lot of beautiful furniture in good condition was abandoned as waste. So I decided to create a place dedicated to contribute to nature and environment, and to share the concept with people. Chairs, lights, tables and sofas in the art house café are created from recycled material. Visiting our café, you are also supporting this concept and protecting our nature” Guests can see green in every corner and find specially designed furniture from recycled material. Each piece is uniquely and mindfully created with artistic values to complete the relaxed and comfortable ambiance. That homely feeling, impeccable guest service experience, ambrosial food, altogether contributes to the philosophy of Art House Café – “Natural Life”.

HE Khalid Sedeeq Al Mutawaa Chairman Art House Café

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