Beef Burrito Wrap AED 51.45

Pulled roasted brisket, quinoa, sliced avocado, cheddar cheese, mixed leaves red kidney beans, smoked paprika, house sauce, tortilla wrap, French fries

Chicken Pesto AED 46.20

Grilled Chicken, tomato, pesto sauce, multi cereal ciabatta with French Fries

Pesto Halloumi AED 44.10

Grilled Halloumi, tomato, pesto sauce, multi cereal ciabatta with French Fries

Pulled Brisket AED 52.50

Slow cooked, homemade pulled brisket, garlic & herb aioli, sliced pickle and oakwood smoked cheddar cheese on ciabatta with French fries.

Vegan Chickpeas AED 46.20

Mashed chickpea, parsley, roasted flake seed, avocado, vegan cheese, bell pepper, iceberg and smoked paprika on a sour dough with French fries.

Chicken Guacamole Wrap AED 46.20

Fried chicken, guacamole, tomato salsa, white onion, mixed leaves and spicy mayo, tortilla bread, French fries

Chicken Tikka Wrap AED 44.10

Grilled chicken tikka, hummus, mixed leaves, mint chutney, onion, tomato and carrot with French fries

Philly Steak AED 50.40

Beef, peppers, mushrooms, onions, cheddar cheese, Spring Onions, baguette bread with French Fries

Roasted Beef AED 50.40

homemade classic roast beef with house pickles, fresh rocket, caramelised onion, cheese and horseradish sauce on sour dough with French fries