Cherry Mozarella Bruschetta AED 48.30

Crispy cherry mozzarella, Blanched ripe tomatoes, Garlic bread, basil oil and pesto

Dynamite Prawns AED 50.40

Tempura Shrimps, mixed green salad, Dynamite Sauce

Halloumi Fries AED 39.90

Fried Halloumi stick, feta Tahini & purple hummus sauce

Messy Fries AED 26.25

Freis, house sauce, spicy mayo, cheese, grilled onion, jalapeno.

Shrimp Spring Rolls AED 44.10

Served with Rocca salad and sweet chili sauce.

Chicken Wings AED 44.10

Fried wings tossed in choice of sauce (Smoked Barbecue, Buffalo sauce, sweet habanero) French fries, Ranch Sauce

French Fries AED 18.90

Served with house sauce

Lamb Kofta Stuffed With Safron Ricotta AED 54.60

Served with Paprika hummus, Pomegranate Sauce, Onion Rocca salad.

Nachos AED 47.25

Cajun Chicken, Crispy tortilla, jalapeno, tomato salsa, warm cheddar cheese, mozzarella, sour cream, guacamole and spring onion.

Sweet Potato Fries AED 21.00

Served with Spicy mayo.