• The Classic AED 45.15

Big Bird Bang AED 45.15

Cayenne Fried Chicken tossed with Louisiana hot sauce, wholegrain mustard coleslaw, soft Bun, French fries.

Honeybee AED 49.35

Grilled wagyu beef Pattie with cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, honey barbeque, garlic aioli sauce, soft Bun, French fries

Mushroom And Cheeseburger AED 51.45

Grilled wagyu beef Pattie, Cheese, mushrooms, caramelized onions, soft Bun, French fries

Shuffle Truffle Burger AED 52.50

Stuffed truffle cheese, wagyu Pattie with crispy onion rings, truffle sauce, soft Bun with French fries

The Classic AED 45.15

Fried chicken, iceberg lettuce, Caesar sauce, gherkins, garlic aioli, soft bun, French fries

Double Up Wagyu Beef AED 49.35

Wagyu double Pattie, cheese, gherkins, lettuce, house sauce, soft Bun, French fries

Korean Chicken AED 47.25

Korean barbeque, fried chicken, kimchi slaw, sesame seed, soft Bun, French fries

French Toffee Toast AED 46.20

French brioche slice, homemade toffee toasted apple, roasted walnuts and mix berries.


Nashville Chicken AED 45.15

crispy chicken with lettuce, homemade pickles, Nashville sauce, soft Bun, French fries

Spicy Crispy Wagyu Beef Burger AED 51.45

beef patties, crispy bacon, fried onion, jalapeno, house sauce, spicy mayo, soft Bun, French fries